Creator-Friendly Copyright Notice

This is the default Copyright Agreement for all SSS feeds. The purpose of this agreement is to ensure that content creators retain all the rights to their creations by default.
As the owner of this feed, we retain all rights, including intellectual property, trademarks, and copyright for all content on this feed.
Furthermore, as the owner of this feed, we are using SSS feeds to distribute our content across the internet to our fans. If you are a service that allows users to consume content on your service, you get a license to display content from this feed, but you must agree to all the terms of this Agreement.

What you cannot do with the content from this feed:

  • Wrongfully claiming ownership. Don’t claim ownership of content that you do not create. Don't do things that may cause confusion between the ownership of content from this feed and your own service.
  • Manipulation of content. You must not modify or adapt any content you get from this feed in any way that changes the meaning or context of the original media. This includes the manipulation of content by the insertion of ads.
  • Circumvent payment to creators. Part of the information you get back from this feed may be a link to hosted content that requires payment to unlock that content. You must not circumvent payment or help anyone circumvent payment for access to this content.
  • Restrict access to content to generate revenue for your service. Your service must not restrict access to any content from this feed for the purpose of generating revenue. This includes a paywall, unlocking content with ads, or using in-app purchases. The exception to this term is when the restriction to a piece of content is defined in the SSS feed itself and the content is unlocked via the OAuth specification defined in the SSS standard.
  • Copying of hosted content. Part of the information you get back this feed may be a link to hosted content (mp3 link, image link, or video link). Your service must not copy or re-upload that content or pieces of that content. (Note: Often, a creator’s pay depends on knowing how many people are consuming their content, and this is done by tracking the number of downloads of this hosted content)
  • Train AI using content from this feed. Your service must not use any content from this feed to train an algorithm that results in derivative work.

You have a duty to remove all content from this feed from your service if requested by the owner of this feed.

By using content from this feed, you agree to remove the feed and all its content from your service if the feed's owner requests it.


This agreement between the owner of this feed and any service accessing content from this feed will be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of California, United States. The owner of this feed reserves the option to change the jurisdiction to the country and region of their choice.

Agreement to Terms

By using any content from this feed, your service agrees to the entirety of this Agreement. This Agreement is the only agreement between the owner of this feed and your service, superseding any terms that appear in a service's Terms of Service related to content from this feed. If your service would like to have a custom Agreement with the creator of this feed you must contact the owner of this feed and get them to remove the link to this Agreement from their SSS feed. If your service does not agree to this Agreement, you must remove all content from this feed from your service.

Breaking the terms of this Agreement

If your service breaks any terms in this Agreement, you will be responsible for giving the owner of this feed all revenue generated through the exploitation of their content.

How to contact the owner of this feed

You can verify you are communicating with the owner of this feed by sending an email to the ‘feedOwnerEmail’ property on this feed. Getting a confirmation in the response will validate that they are the rightful owner of the content. Also, most feeds have a link to a creator feed. The creator feed may contain details on how to contact them via social media, email, or their website.
Last Modified: 2024-04-08