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Comic Apps

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Are you a developer? Are you passionate about comics?

Here are 3 advantages you get when building a comic app that uses comics distributed over SSS Feeds:
  1. Building a comic platform requires you to build a user base of comic creators and comic fans. It's a lot of work to onboard both of these types of users (creators and fans) as both creators and fans require different things. If you choose to build an app that uses SSS, you can just pick if you want to build a tool for comic creators or an app for comic fans, you don’t have to build both. For example, if you choose to build an app for comic fans, right away your app will get access to all the 150+ comics that are distributed by their creators over SSS (with more being added every day), you can just focus on building a great comic experience for comic fans.
  1. Current comic platforms are not creator-friendly. You are building a creator-friendly comic alternative, where creators get to own all their IP and aren’t lock to any one tech platform.
  1. SSS is an open-source specification. Become part of a group of developers that care about building profitable, sustainable and creator-friendly apps. Send me an email danny@taddy.org if you have any questions or feedback. Would love to chat :)
PS: Make sure your app is adhering to the creator-friendly copyright requirements for SSS Feeds.